Posted on May 24, 2012

This week is winged creatures.  I will fess up once again, I did not take this photo this week.  It is really busy at my house until after June 16th when my son will get hitched to the love of his life, Alex.   I really am trying hard not to miss a week.  I know this is to challenge me each week, but at some point this photo challenged me.  It was a few months ago we rode down to Cherry Grove to visit some friends.  Gracie LOVES to chase birds on the beach so I knew the photo I would choose this week.  I love it because it is her and I too love to be on the beach. :)

Now check out Christa Paustenbaugh’s winged creature :)  It will be amazing I am sure.

Posted on May 18, 2012

This week is slow shutter speed.  I will fess up now – this photo was taken October 2011 at our NC State  Fair.  I have been so busy this week that I did not have the time to even pick up my camera.  Please forgive me!  Be sure to head over to Christa Paustenbaugh Manassas, VA to see what she has this week!

Posted on May 11, 2012

This week our buzz word is “vintage”!  My first thought is I needed that self portrait this week for the vintage shot.  HA!  Seriously, my knees feel very old today and not really sure why except I feel everyone of my 51 years today :) !

After all that, I decided that my time is running out to take my “youngen” and his soon to be bride out for photos so we headed out to this old caboose that sits in downtown Apex, NC.  I love its color and this takes me  back in time.  I can remember riding a train in the 1st grade (thrill) and we each were able to ride in the  caboose.  Super cool and these two are super cute.

Don’t forget to continue  along the photography journey with 12 other photographers until you have come full circle.   Head over and check out Christa Paustenbaugh of Manassas, VA to see what cool vintage shot she has come up with!

Posted on May 4, 2012

This week we had to shoot self  portrait.  Photographers do not like to be in front of the camera people, we like to be behind it! :)  Thanks Amy Ames for taking my “self-portrait” in my craft room in front of my Mac!   This room is where I live when not on the tennis court.  I thought it was the perfect setting and thanks to Amy for keeping most of the junk out of the picture but getting little Gracie under the desk in the photo.  She is my little 3.5 lb yorkie who runs this house.  Someone spoils her, who could that be?

Now lets check out Cathy Kuhlman of Philadelphia, PA. If I remember correctly, Cathy was ready last week for her self portrait debut.  You go girl!

Photos property of Robin Moore