Posted on April 27, 2012

When I saw that this week we were to take a photo of something round what else would I have taken a picture of, I ask  myself?   I play this sport at least 3 to 4 days a week and I love it.  I love being outside and love the friendships that I have formed while playing tennis.   Now head over and check out what the amazing Liza Hall has to show us “round” her photography world!! :)

Posted on April 26, 2012

Today my baby turns 23.    All too soon, our children grow up and make their own choices.  God has to lead them in the way they need to go, according to his plan for their lives. It is difficult letting go, but letting Christ have His way is always better, even when it means separation.   Find Your Wings by Mark Harris, it is how I feel about both my boys.  This song brings a tear to my eye each time I hear it but also makes me smile with JOY!  Preston you are a joy to dad and I and we love you so very much!  We are so proud of the young, God fearing man you have become.  You will make an amazing husband to Alex and father to your children.   Happy Birthday Son!

Posted on April 20, 2012

This week our prompt was “Perspective”.  At first I must say I was just brain dead but then the light bulb went off. HA.  There are so many ways that we can interpret this word so in my perspective bluebirds, they rock.  I love to sit and watch the male and female as they build their nest in a box that I have placed in my backyard.  They tend to their young with so much love, it makes my heart happy.    I watch the baby birds grow and then  watch as they fly away.  They normally nest three times in the summer.  Don’t you agree that the male eastern bluebird, well he is just stunning.

Now continue this blog journey with me to see how  Tammy Bilodeau, Whitecourt, AB Photographer,  interprets perspective.

Posted on April 13, 2012

This week our prompt word was “blue”.  First I took pictures of the blue birds that are nesting in my backyard.  The male bluebird is simple beautiful.  Then I talked Preston and Alex into a short photo shoot in the back yard.  What do I need to say, look at those big blue eyes looking at my son :) .  Isn’t love sweet!?!   They are such a cute pair – love them to pieces.  They are both counting the days until June 16th when they become husband & wife.  We are BLESSED!

Don’t stop now, head over to check out the beautiful blue that Amy Schilling of Austin, TX  has captured for us.

Posted on April 6, 2012

Another week has come and gone and so quickly.   Just a little note to all, Happy Easter!

This week our buzz word was “metal”.    I really need to look ahead because last week I took a picture of a metal gate with really cool art work on it.  This week not so much,  but as I took my dogs for a walk this fence jumped out and said “TAKE ME!”

Now head over and see what Kimberlee Edwards Cary, NC  has for us to see.

Photos property of Robin Moore