Posted on March 30, 2012

I hear MUSIC . . . .  This week is about music and it is something that I listen to all the time.   I wanted some cool shot for this week but as always procrastination sets in and I am taking my photo today.   This gate is located at the amphitheater that is a mile from my house.  I love the detail in the craftsmanship and as I look at it I can hear the music playing.   What about you?

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Posted on March 23, 2012

This weeks challenge,  BOOKS, was kind of tough for me and as you can see below, my son was loving the fact that he had to help me out.  He got home from school this evening and with his backpack on I made him stand with a book about the University of North Carolina Tarheels last National Championship  hanging out of the pack.  I told him to act like he was reading the book and his reply, I do not read.  HA!  What are you going to do with an almost 23 year old.

He is always a super sport for me and I will miss him when he leaves in June.  Alex,  you are getting a WINNER as is he :)  Love you both!!!!!


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Posted on March 15, 2012

Oh the sights of GREEN!  Spring has sprung here in NC and things are blooming, grass is green and the critters are out and about!!

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Posted on March 9, 2012

Our word for this week is “Season”.    This is graduation season as well as wedding season in our house.  All we see are these $$$$$’s going out of our pockets.  Preston seems a little shocked himself doesn’t he?    He graduates in 64 days and a 100 days from today,  he will be a married man.  YIKES!!   Along with these two milestones, he is currently studying for part 2 of the CPA exam.   He has 3 more parts to take and hopes to have all those behind him before he starts work in July.  No rest for Preston in this season of his life – FOR SURE :(

All kidding aside, we are so proud of Preston and although we will shed a tear as he leaves,  are happy to give him his wings to fly.  We know God has BIG plans for he and Alex and we cannot wait to see what each new day brings for them.   Love you both :)

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Posted on March 2, 2012

One morning this week as the sun came up,  I had to get my macro lens out and give these rain drops a shot :)   I love the way sun reflects off  of water.   Look close and you can see the reflection of pansies in the water drop.  I thought this was a perfect “shiny” for our photo challenge this week.

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Photos property of Robin Moore