52 Fridays – Week 6

Posted on February 10, 2012

Love is our photo challenge this week.  Gotta LOVE this boy!!  Yes that is right, this is my baby and I love him dearly.  He will be getting married to the sweetest girl, Alex in June of this year and leaving the nest.  I have to say,  I am so proud of my both my sons and the fine young men they have become.

Preston is finishing up his Master’s in Accounting and will graduate in May.  He is also studying for the CPA exam which he will begin taking at the end of this month.  He is following in his dad’s footsteps as well as his older brother,  Josh.  Wow a lot of accountants around here!! Josh, my oldest son,  and his new wife, Mary Grace were married this past November and are loving married life.  Steve and I are so happy with our growing family.

Before Preston left for class this morning I told him he had to help me with my photo.  He is such a trooper and puts up with all my antics, well only for a little while longer.  I guess in June I will have to come up with other things to shoot – no more kids at home. :(

Just a note: I often see all the adorable photos of your young children and it makes me wish I would have learned a little more about photography when they were small.  I have lots of pictures because I always LOVED to take pictures, but believe me when I say they are pictures- not photographs.  The truth is,  they are still all my memories and I cherish them dearly.  So all I am telling you is cherish each moment with your children – they grow so quickly.

Now check out what LOVE Kimberlee Edwards a Cary, NC Photographer  has in store for us!

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