52 Fridays – Week 5

Posted on February 2, 2012

On the shelf – umm!  What to shoot for this one?   It was my challenge for this week and as I was cleaning around my house I had a “light bulb” moment.

This winter has NOT been winter at all here in NC.  Today was 70 degrees and just beautiful.  Of course, this is not the norm for this time of year for sure,  but I am loving it.  I play tennis and normally hate this time of year because it is not too cold to play.  Needless to say I am loving this winter and I hope it does not snow in March now that I am saying this . . . . . . SHhhhhhhhhh!!!!

I  love to collect snowmen and I display them from November until March normally – well not this year.  I decided I would take their picture and say I “BELIEVE” that winter is behind us so I can put them away until winter 2012!  I am just so ready for spring now that is feels like spring, I want the calendar to say it is spring.  So snowmen – until next winter – SEE YA!!

Now head over and see what Tracy Waye Kelly, Miramichi, NB Photographer http://www.tracywayekelly.blogspot.com has on her shelf!

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