52 Fridays – Week 3

Posted on January 20, 2012

This week our photo challenge – WORDS.  When I read this I had so many words go through my head, but next came the part about taking a photo of them.  The week seem to get away from me and today I was thinking what can I do.  These words are still up in my house and they bring comfort to my family.  We just celebrated Christmas and Jesus Christ birthday.  When you read in the Book of Isaiah of the coming King you read these words that you find on the plaque in the photo.  The Bible is a book that has so many words, words that comfort, words that heal, words that bring peace to you, words that show Christ love for you and for me, just to say a few.  This book is my favorite so I thought I would share these words with you.  Now head over to Amy Ames, Holly Springs, NC Photographer, http://www.amyamesphotography.com to see what words she has to share with us all.

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