52 Fridays – Week 2

Posted on January 13, 2012

This week our buzz word is landscape.  Today as I was driving around town to try and find the perfect spot, this spot came to mind.  I pass the old barn quite often and love it.  It sits on a very busy road but when you look across the landscape at  this peaceful barn, doesn’t it make you wonder what went on there so many years ago.  This farm I am sure was a working farm and I have heard that they plan to tear this beautiful barn down at some point in the near future.  It saddens me to see our landscapes changing so much with less and less green space.  Today was an absolute beautiful day and I really wanted to go over and sit in the grass and read a book, but since this was not my property thought I better drive on.  I hope you enjoy!

Now hurry over to Christa Paustenbaugh, Manassas, VA Christa Paustenbaugh, Manassas, VA  http://thepaustenbaughs.typepad.com (sorry  but my link was not working so please click on her link)  to check out her beautiful  landscape.

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