52 Fridays – Week 31

Posted on August 18, 2011

Unbelievable!  That is what I must say, simply that I would make it this far without a hitch.    This journey has taught me so much and has made me get out with my camera on weeks that I probably would not touch it.  I feel I have grown in many ways and know that there is a lot of growing still ahead.

This week we were to think about Back to School: What are some signs in your home that it is time to head back to school? Maybe put together a shoot! I always loved the start of the school year and getting the boys ready for their “big” first day back.  As you all know by now, my baby, Preston,  is 22 years old so there is no need for mom to help him with his backpack. HA.  He started back to college on Wednesday for his final year of college.  He will finish with a Masters in Accounting in May and get married to Alex in June. WOW, what  a big year for him!!  I thought what can I do that says going back to school for my 22 year old??    Cookies,  yes that is it.    He LOVES cookies so here are a few shots from Wednesday morning before he headed to class. :)

Now hurry on over to see what signs of back to school Linsey Stuckey, Houston, Texas, http://jackandjanephotography.com/blog has in her back pack!   I know they will be so cheerful because they always are and have my favorite color, pink!

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