52 Fridays – Week 29

Posted on August 5, 2011

Wow, can you believe it is week 29 and the summer has really flown by.  This week we were to think of  our Indulgence: What is your favorite indulgence, one thing you treat yourself to… and one of my favorites is a pedicure!  I also love a good manicure but that has not happened in a while so I did not want to show you my yucky fingers :(   Love lying on this window seat and reading a good book, “the Help”.  Wonderful!

I have one room in my home that is girly, yep that is right, with all boys it is hard to squeeze in a little girly color like pink .  Pink is my favorite color and along with green they adorn my scrapbook/photography room.  This room  is where I hang out and do what I do!   Sometimes I wonder what that is, but my hubby calls me a professional hobbyist! :)  Ok, I am alright with that because I love so many different things and I love to continue to try new things.  My latest adventure is trying to make a quilt top that I can use as a photo prop. Pure craziness I know but I have to try it.    I apologize for all the  babbling and for making  you look at my feet!  Oh well – could be worse. :)

Now head over and see what Lynn, Bugsmom Photography, NJ http://thebugsmommy.wordpress.com/ has to share with us.  I know it will be amazing.

What a lovely flip flop tan you have Robin! :)

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