Posted on August 26, 2011

Our theme for this week is Fruit: Your favorite fruit? A color fruit? Maybe a fruit bowl of many different fruits! This topic is one of my favorite things.  I LOVE fruit and really all kinds.  Today I went to Whole Foods and bought white peaches, Washington cherries and clemetines, YUMMY.  I love them all but the list does not stop there.  I love all kinds of berries and citrus, apples, mangos and I think you get the picture.  I decided I would try a little something different in my photo.  I placed them all in a bowl and thought how boring is that to shoot.  I really could come up with nothing so just placed them in the order of my love for them and shot the photo.

Just got back from a weekend in Texas at a Jinky Art workshop.  What fun I had and especially going with another photographer in our circle, Amy.   Went out on Friday night for the first shoot and to my amazement, the models were Linsey Stuckey and her family.  It was so cool, ok not weather wise, but super cool to meet her and her family.  What a sweet family and I know she will get some super shots from under that tree with balloons and airplanes. Doesn’t it sound like a fun shoot and that was just the first of 10 shoots.  To be honest, I was exhausted when I got home on Monday.  It was such a blast to be able to go and to meet someone from this blog circle, in person :) .  I must say it is a small world!

Now continue on over and see what Lynn, Bugsmom Photography, NJ, has to show us.  I know it will be great.

Posted on August 18, 2011

Unbelievable!  That is what I must say, simply that I would make it this far without a hitch.    This journey has taught me so much and has made me get out with my camera on weeks that I probably would not touch it.  I feel I have grown in many ways and know that there is a lot of growing still ahead.

This week we were to think about Back to School: What are some signs in your home that it is time to head back to school? Maybe put together a shoot! I always loved the start of the school year and getting the boys ready for their “big” first day back.  As you all know by now, my baby, Preston,  is 22 years old so there is no need for mom to help him with his backpack. HA.  He started back to college on Wednesday for his final year of college.  He will finish with a Masters in Accounting in May and get married to Alex in June. WOW, what  a big year for him!!  I thought what can I do that says going back to school for my 22 year old??    Cookies,  yes that is it.    He LOVES cookies so here are a few shots from Wednesday morning before he headed to class. :)

Now hurry on over to see what signs of back to school Linsey Stuckey, Houston, Texas, has in her back pack!   I know they will be so cheerful because they always are and have my favorite color, pink!

Posted on August 12, 2011

Discovery: What is something new you have discovered? Maybe your children are discovering something new? I seriously thought about skipping this week because we are on vacation – finally.

Steve, Preston, myself and the dogs headed up to the mountains of NC on Monday.  It has been so hot at home that this has been simply wonderful.  What I have discovered this week is how much I love the mountains.  We are in Blowing Rock and the weather, well it could not be any better.  It has been in the high 70′s to low 80′s each day.  We love to hike and also love to discover new trails each time we come up here.  This week we did a 5 mile hike on Boone Fork Trail off of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  It was a beautiful hike but a little tough in many places.  I thought I would share a few photos that I took along the trail.  I hope these do not look too bad, I am away from home and off my normal MAC :( .   I hope these show just a sample of the beauty that we have discovered this week in God’s country!

Now be sure to check out Ginger Unzueta central Florida photographer and see what she has to show us for discovery.

One of the many streams along the 5 mile hike

Field of wild flowers/weeds :)

Love of My Life

Posted on August 5, 2011

Wow, can you believe it is week 29 and the summer has really flown by.  This week we were to think of  our Indulgence: What is your favorite indulgence, one thing you treat yourself to… and one of my favorites is a pedicure!  I also love a good manicure but that has not happened in a while so I did not want to show you my yucky fingers :(   Love lying on this window seat and reading a good book, “the Help”.  Wonderful!

I have one room in my home that is girly, yep that is right, with all boys it is hard to squeeze in a little girly color like pink .  Pink is my favorite color and along with green they adorn my scrapbook/photography room.  This room  is where I hang out and do what I do!   Sometimes I wonder what that is, but my hubby calls me a professional hobbyist! :)  Ok, I am alright with that because I love so many different things and I love to continue to try new things.  My latest adventure is trying to make a quilt top that I can use as a photo prop. Pure craziness I know but I have to try it.    I apologize for all the  babbling and for making  you look at my feet!  Oh well – could be worse. :)

Now head over and see what Lynn, Bugsmom Photography, NJ has to share with us.  I know it will be amazing.

What a lovely flip flop tan you have Robin! :)

Photos property of Robin Moore