52 Fridays – Week 26

Posted on July 15, 2011

Wow half way and still going strong.  This week we were to capture trees.  This is really a wide spectrum to try and capture the perfect picture.  Trees  provide great shade, a cool place to rest out of the sun.  They take in carbon dioxide and in return, through photosynthesis, give us oxygen . . . . . .  (thank you google).  They provide a beautiful green back drop to our life.  When I thought about what I could capture, a reflection came to mind.   I took this picture at an old mill near my home where I grew up.  Such a peaceful place that gives a true sense of serenity.

Continue through the “forest” of trees to see what Lucy Jane, Adelaide SA Photographer, http://lucyjanephoto.com.au/blog has to share with us!!

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Photos property of Robin Moore