52 Fridays – Week 22

Posted on June 17, 2011

Wow, I cannot believe it is week 22.  When I typed that,  I had to give myself a pat on the back.  To set a goal, have a new challenge each week and to stick with it, well that is an accomplishment for me.  I hope to continue to do the same each week hereafter.

This week we are to reflect on Fatherly Love: Your dad, Your husband, another father figure?

This day always brings back such fond memories to me.  I truly was a daddy’s girl if there ever was one!  I went everywhere with my dad and he always told everyone I was his shadow.  He had a way of always making my face light up.   So as I thought about ways that I could share my dad with you,  I decided to put together a few things that make me smile when I see them.  My dad was an upholsterer by trade and the one thing I still have in my house that he upholstered, is this goose neck rocker.  It is old, worn and tattered but he covered it for Steve and I when we got married 28 years ago.  I sometimes think about recovering it but cannot make myself do it.  The photo sitting on the chair is at my wedding and of course that is me kissing my dad.  My dad has been gone from this earth for almost 26 years, and I still miss him.  There are days I would love to call him up and chat with him.  One day dad, I will see and talk with you again :)

He was a HUGE North Carolina fan.  Steve attended UNC, Chapel Hill and was able to take my dad to some football games and basketball games, the man was in heaven.  He LOVED it!   So to say that I CHERISH all these memories is an understatement.  I am sad that my boys never got a chance to meet my dad, but they too know all about him through me.  I love you daddy!!

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