52 Fridays – Week 20

Posted on June 3, 2011

Desire: What do you desire, Is it tangible? Is it a goal? My goal is to take the photograph that my eyes see.  I see things so clearly and so often I take the picture and it is not that clear.  My goal over this year is to improve my skills in photography.  I want to work on composition, sharpness, creativity, exposure . . . . . well I guess you get it, everything.  I am thankful for a wonderful mentor who not only encourages me, she has tons of patience!    Thanks to each of you for your kind words as well, they are appreciated.  I am always excited on Friday’s to see what everyone else sees :)

Now hurry on over and see what  Nancy Schumacher Thompson of ND desires.

I can see you! (Preston's eye)

I can see clearly now (Josh's eye)

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