52 Fridays – Week 11

Posted on April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool’s Day!  :)  Where has the time gone?  I cannot believe that it is April.  I thought last week was tough, but this week took the cake for me.  I walked around and looked and there did not seem to be a creative bone alive in me.  Of course I did not locate my image early in the week and then it started to rain.  I was not going to walk around in the rain and cold so back in my house I went to look for the APRIL Fool’s picture!

This week we were to take a picture that looked like one thing but was actually another.  That does not sound too hard, but I struggled.  I cannot wait to see what everyone has come up with this week.  I know all of you are so creative and will have some great photos!  I finally found this in my workroom, it appears to be an “S” but actually it is a bird hook that you can place on the wall or anywhere you desire and hang things from the “S” hook.  Mine is on the front of a wire mannequin that I have sitting in my room.

Don’t stop now, head over to Lynn, Bugsmom Photography, NJ, http://thebugsmommy.wordpress.com and see her April Fool’s, :)

What is this mystery picture?

Mystery solved!

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