CM Meet-Up in Downtown Raleigh

Posted on March 1, 2011

Sunday afternoon I met with other photographers in downtown Raleigh.  Josh and Mary Grace along with Sarah had agreed to be our models.  It was such a great time and we captured great moments.  This is only my second meeting with the Clickin Moms – but I am really enjoying getting to know them all and learning more about photography.  The weather was so perfect for a photo shoot.  After the shoot, many of the ladies had dinner at Gravy on Wilmington Street.  I came back home to have dinner with my hubby, Steve.

Below are a few photos of the great time we had downtown! :)

Sarah, the SIX represents her 6th year "diagnoseversary" for cancer. Doesn't she look GREAT!


Can't touch this!!


Ahhh - too sweet!

"You are the sunshine of my life"

Match made in heaven :)

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