52 Fridays – Week 10

Posted on March 25, 2011

This week’s challenge was Out of Focus: Turn your lens on manual focus, purposely expose an image out of focus.  That sounds so easy and I thought  - no problem.  Well for me, it was a challenge.  I am a work in progress and have been trying very hard to get the sharpest photo possible.  This week went against everything I have been working on, but I will say it stretched me outside my box.  I love a challenge! :)   Now after all of that has been said,  I am not sure this is the greatest out of focus photo, but this little fellow intrigued me one afternoon and became my project for this week.  He was only at most 2 inches long and could jump a mile!  So when I decided to get out the macro lens I was praying he would stay very still for me, ha!  Well as you can see he did and below you can see my “Frog on the blog”.  My boys said mom, you have to give it that title!  Isn’t that too funny, they are my biggest encouragers.

Frog on the BLOG :)

Now don’t forget to continue the circle and head over toTamara LaTorre www.tamaralatorrephotography.wordpress.com

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