52 Fridays – Week 6

Posted on February 24, 2011

I am still on my journey with 30 other photographers and I love every minute of it.   It really makes me think and stretch my imagination.  It is week 6 and the theme is … Bokeh: Let’s see some beautiful bokeh!  I thought about skipping this week because I really was not sure how I would get a good photo with bokeh.  Well I thought about it and decided to stretch myself and give it a try.  These may not be the greatest shots using bokeh, but I tried it and now want to try it again.  I feel that is a success for this week.

My boys are grown, so I enticed Gracie, my Yorkie,  to sit in front of the camera.  She loves it, can’t you tell?   This little dog has stolen my heart and everyone who comes in contact with her also falls in love.  She is the sweetest little girl  ever.  For my second picture, I tried to show that I love to cook.  I do not cook as much as I did when my children where small, but I still enjoy just being in the kitchen.  These are my absolute favorite measuring cups made by Crosby Taylor and used by Paula Deen.   I know what you are thinking, do you cook like Paula Deen?  The answer – NO!  I love to watch her show sometimes but Paula Deen,  I am not.

Every week under my post will be a link to another photographer, and she will link to another photographer, and it’ll keep going until it brings you full circle back here! It’s an incredible idea, and I am thrilled to be a part of this group of amazing ladies!! You don’t want to miss out on all of these posts, so be sure to keep clicking to see everyone’s photos!!

More incredible photos so be sure to hop on over to Nicolasa Moreau New Hampshire Photographer http://nicolasamoreauphotography.com/blog

Gracie Lou

Measuring Cups by Crosby Taylor

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